Dogs stay in private suites with bedding and toys. Our facilities are designed to accommodate all size breeds, small to large. Our largest play room is over 500 square feet. 



What is my dog's day like?

Our experienced, dog-loving staff monitor and regularly walk your

dog. They are fed according to the schedule and instructions that

you provide. Running and playing is based on size and temperament. 


We will accommodate any special needs that we are made aware of.

We want to maintain your pet's daily routine as best as possible so

they are comfortable and calm. Please let us know if you would like to

add grooming, food, treats, or other supplies with your stay. 



What shots and paperwork does my dog need?

Your dog needs Rabies, Bordatella, and DA2PP

(Distemper/Parvo/Carona) vaccinations in order to stay with us.

For overnight stays Boarding Forms must be filled out.



What should I bring when I drop off my dog?

We provide bedding, bowls, toys, and treats. You should bring enough

food for your dog's stay and a favorite toy or treat if it will make them

more comfortable. A T-shirt or other item of clothing with your scent

on it also helps keep your dog calm. 


Where does my dog stay during boarding/daycare?   

Petsvilla Staten Island Dog Daycare
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