Upon arrival, your Groomer will greet you and find out exactly what style and treatments you want for your dog. They will answer any questions, go over grooming styles and options, and find out if your dog requires any special care. Your Groomer wants to know exactly what you want and what your dog needs before they start, which is why you discuss everything directly with them.




We offer a variety of cuts and styles that may be customized to your pet.


  • Breed Cut - A cut specific to your breed of dog
  • Specialty Cut - Lion, Teddy Bear, Mohawk, you name it 
  • Shave - Full body short shave
  • Sanitary - short cut around the hair down there (genitals and anus) 
  • Nail cutting - Trimming your dog's nails


We encourage you to be specific when describing what you want. Let us know 

if you'd like a shorter or longer cut than last time or show us exactly how much 

you'd like trimmed off. We're happy to look at photos of specific styles and will

accommodate most requestsunless we feel they are unreasonable or harmful. 

We can do anything you ask... except make your chihuahua look like a poodle! 




We use a selection of shampoos, treatments and products that are mild on your dog’s coat and skin for the best grooming results. We offer De-Shed Shampoo, Flea and Tic Baths, and Oatmeal Baths for itch relief and to soothe irritated skin. If your dog requires any specific products, please let us know before your appointment. You are welcome to bring any particular shampoo or product you'd like us to use. 





It happens to the best of us, but we're here to help! An extremely tangled coat can be very uncomfortable and could cause skin issues for your pet. We take the time to de-matt your dog gently and painlessly. De-matting may incur an additional fee, depending on the severity and amount of time required. Extreme cases may require shaving to avoid hurting your dog, but our experienced Groomers will let you know the best option. 




For the most fashionable pooches, we have a wide selection of bows, bandanas, clothing, jerseys, and stylish leashes at affordable prices.


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